Want a Cheat Code for Investing Success? Join Your Local REIA with Owen Dashner and Ted Kaasch

Team Building Podcast

Many real estate team leaders are on the hunt for the opportunity, capital or partnership that will spark their next level of growth, but overlook their local REIA.

REIA’s or investor meetups have a ton of resources that can help us build hugely successful ancillary businesses. 

What is the value of joining your local REIA? Is it easy to start your own?

In this episode, I’m joined by two successful entrepreneurs who run the nation’s fastest growing REIA. Owen Dashner and Ted Kaasch share why you shouldn’t be underestimating this valuable resource.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to monetize a lot more of your time
    How do we approach property like a marketing company instead of a traditional real estate operation? 
  • One key resource we can find at our REIA
    Is hard money lending a smart way to get the capital we need to win?
  • The value Owen Dashner and Ted Kaasch have built into their REIA
    How can we use REIA’s to get the resources we need to grow our businesses? 

Guest Bio

Ted Kaasch and Owen Dashner are real estate team leaders, entrepreneurs and they run the fastest growing REIA in the country. They interview some of the best Real Estate Investors and break down their investments in the Omaha metro area both large and small.

They get a sneak peek into how these investors create wealth as they share their vast knowledge and experiences, as well as tips and tricks on how to navigate the industry successfully.

For more information visit REIARadio.com, phone Owen on 402-578-4003, or find him on Facebook. Find Ted on Facebook.

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