Building a Team That Brings Value to Both Clients and Agents w/ Greg Erlanger & Mike Zinicola

Team Building Podcast

Building teams allows us to provide value across the board, so it’s important that as leaders, we know what we’re bringing to the table.

When should we be formulating our unique value propositions?

Are there any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to provide our agents and clients added value – and why do we have to make sure we let people know the services we provide?

In this episode, founding members of EZ Sales Team, Greg Erlanger and Mike Zinicola share how to build a team that brings phenomenal value to clients and agents alike.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Before starting a team, we have to come up with a unique value proposition that sets us apart from everyone in the industry. This value will be used to attract not only clients, but agents too.
  • There are no wrong or right ways to run a team. The key to success lies in consistency: we have to do what we believe in and keep doing it to see great results.
  • Make sure agents know what we bring to the table. If we’re bringing them insane value, we have to let them know. This can help with recruitment and retaining top talent.

At the start of this episode, we spoke about how teams bring value to everyone involved in a real estate transaction. We also discussed why we have to be willing to go against the herd if we want to be differentiators in the industry.

We also discussed:

  • Why being a great agent doesn’t always translate into great leadership
  • The importance of treating everyone on our teams with respect
  • That being a leader is a privilege, so we should go in with a heart of service

Guest Bio-

Greg Erlanger is a founding member of EZ Sales Team. With over 14 years as a top Realtor in the Cleveland area, Greg successfully led the EZ Sales Team to become the #1 Keller Williams Real Estate Team in Ohio. Greg has a corporate background selling data technology, and heads up the technology and marketing efforts at EZ Sales Team.

Mike Zinicola is a founding member of EZ Sales Team. After spending 17 years practicing law, Mike is a skilful negotiator and today heads up the negotiations and creative problem solving for clients at EZ Sales Team. Mike has been a successful Realtor in Cleveland for over 19 years, and helped take EZ Sales Team to the #1 Keller Williams Real Estate Team in Ohio.

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