The Self-Aware Recruiter: How to Bring the Right Agents Into Your World

Team Building Podcast

When it comes to launching and scaling a business, recruiting is mission-critical. Agents need to be a good fit for the business and vice versa or else no value will be added to the business or to the agent.

We need to have an idea as to why an agent should join our team and the absolute value they bring.

In this Team Building training episode, I talk about agent recruitment and retention, how to figure out which agents are a good fit, and the number one call to action that agents gravitate towards.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The common sense behind recruiting
    What are some of the basics every leader should know when it comes to recruiting?
  • Self-awareness as a recruiter
    Recognizing exactly what we have to offer as leaders can change the way agents see us. What do we have to offer to agents that other brokerages don’t?
  • Top 3 ways to recruit
    What are some of the tried and tested methods that agents gravitate toward when being recruited?

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