How to Create Online Video Content that Differentiates You w/ Shelton Wilder

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Creating video content for social media is vital for success, but agents are apprehensive because they don’t know what content is impactful. How can we gain a following online, and when we do, what content should we be consistently creating? Do we need to spend hours tackling the biggest issues in real estate, or is simplicity key?

On this episode, CEO of Shelton Wilder Group at Compass, Shelton Wilder shares how to excel with video content.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Consistency is key. If we want to gain a following on social media, we have to stay top of mind by constantly sharing quality content.
  • Differentiation makes all the difference. By sharing meaningful content where no one else in our market currently is, we’re already setting ourselves apart from our competitors.
  • Don’t overthink content. So often we hold ourselves back because we second guess what to share with our audience. Creating for social media doesn’t need to cause anxiety – in fact, simple topics are key.

On this episode, we discussed why branding is so important. We also explained how agents can get started with their own content by looking at what their peers in other markets are sharing, and suggested topics agents may consider talking about in their videos. We also learned:

  • Why staying top of mind is vital
  • The value of authenticity
  • How engaging with followers on social media boosts our impact

Online videos are absolutely vital for agents looking to get ahead and stay relevant in this crowded real estate market. We need to commit to creating content on a regular basis in order to stand out. If we clearly focus on creating quality content with simple talking points, we will showcase our expertise and drive traffic to our business lines.

Guest Bio-

Shelton Wilder is the CEO of Shelton Wilder Group at Compass. A Los Angeles native, Shelton Wilder’s knowledge of the local schools, neighborhoods and subdivisions is accentuated whenever she assists her clients in achieving their real estate goals. A veteran entrepreneur with many years of experience serving the needs of affluent clientele, she has a talent for negotiating and marketing, as well as a complex understanding of real estate and customer service. She specializes in residential and commercial real estate in Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades, making exceptions to travel to other areas where her clients have interests.

Shelton prides herself on her ability to provide clients with a positive experience and hassle-free transactions. Her enthusiasm, positivity and approachability, combined with her creative eye for design, years of real-world experience and a degree in Marketing from the University of Georgia endear her to clients, adding value to their processes. Having worked in sales for most of her career – which began at the age of 16 – and as a business owner for the last 13 years, she leverages her focused, detail-oriented, problem-solving mentality and has a proven track record of success in helping investors, developers and sellers of estate properties.

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