Productivity According to Your DISC: How Do You Do Your Best Work? with Grace Marshall

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When you run a business, you’re never short on things to do, and it’s possible to be busy but not productive. In an industry that often equates being busy with success, it’s easy to obsess over getting things done without actually moving ourselves forward. It’s also very easy to think productivity looks the same for every personality, and our DISC profiles bleed into that too.

How do we separate instant gratification tasks from the actions that bring us closer to our goals? Can we work better by aligning our activities with our personal profiles?

In this episode, author, coach, Head Coach, Chief Encourager, and Productivity Ninja, Grace Marshall discusses how we can define productivity for ourselves.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to work more efficiently
    It’s easy to know the busy work that can fill up the day, but how do we know what we shouldn’t be doing?
  • The productivity struggle we face as we grow a team
    As team leaders, how do we find a new way to be productive when we’re no longer the ones selling the homes?
  • Being productive vs. just being busy
    How do we differentiate between the dopamine hit of crossing something off your to-do list and the fulfillment of doing something productive?

Guest Bio

Grace Marshall is an author, coach, Head Coach, Chief Encourager, and Productivity Ninja. For the last decade, she’s been helping people explore how they do their best work, whether they’re grappling with procrastination, imposter syndrome, control freakery, distractions, endless emails, mindless meetings, and never-ending to-do lists, hybrid working, or the work-life juggle.

Grace coaches, trains, writes, and speaks on productivity, helping people adopt new ways of working and thinking about their work to replace stress, overwhelm, and frustration with success, sanity, and satisfaction.

For more information, head to, and find her books on Amazon.

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