Reframing Accountability as a Positive w/ Andy Kueny

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Holding our agents accountable to their goals is a vital part of building bigger, better teams. However, because accountability is so often tied to negative connotations, it’s something many leaders struggle to implement and enforce in their businesses.

We often view constructive criticism as an attack, but that couldn’t be more wrong. Accountability is about building our agents up to become the best versions of themselves, not to berate and belittle them.

Where does the negative outlook stem from, and what can we do to shift people’s perceptions for good? What can we do to ensure we’re pushing our agents to be the best they can be, without losing their trust and enthusiasm?

In this episode, kwELITE’s own Chief Success Officer, Andy Kueny shares his strategies for keeping agents on track with their goals.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • How to build trust with those we’re holding accountable 
    The key to becoming dependable in the eyes of the agents we are coaching lies in follow through. It’s not enough to say we’ll check in, follow up, and, where necessary, call out bad behavior: we have to make good on our promises and actually do it.
  • How to help agents shift their perceptions of accountability coaching 
    A success manager’s duty is to help others make their dreams a reality. Remind agents that accountability sessions are intended to serve them, not anyone else.
  • What we can do to qualify as an effective success manager 
    If we want to encourage our agents to become the best versions of themselves, we have to keep raising the bar in our own lives. Pour into self-development and lead by example.

Guest Bio-

Andy Kueny is the Chief Success Officer for kwELITE and one of the lead coaches and owners of Elite Real Estate Systems. He is passionate about helping agents in Nebraska and beyond set and achieve their goals, using accountability and data.

Andy has also been a licensed agent in the state of Nebraska for over 8 years, and has been involved in over 1500 transactions as the Team Lead and Productivity Coach for agents.

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