TeamWork: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Managing a Team with Natalie Dawson

Team Building Podcast

In business, we are well aware that bringing on more people is the key to freedom and profitability, but we’re unprepared for the hardships that come with actually growing a team.

Once people start coming into our world, we often realize that we don’t have a template or formula for hiring, onboarding, setting expectations, or dealing with bad hires.

How do we become bigger, better versions of ourselves so we can be great leaders? What mistakes do leaders make?

In this episode, co-founder of Cardone Ventures and author of “TeamWork: How to Build a High Performance Team of Any Type,” Natalie Dawson shares her template for leading a team.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The interview process
    How do we test for technical skill, culture, and core values?
  • Where to locate good candidates
    Do leaders struggle with talent because they are looking for it outside the company instead of cultivating it internally?
  • The danger of allowing a bad hire to stay too long
    Can the damage of a bad hire infect even the best and most loyal people on the team?

Guest Bio

Natalie Dawson is the co-founder of Cardone Ventures and author of “TeamWork: How to Build a High Performance Team of Any Type.” She is an expert in developing people and building scalable teams. She has interviewed, hired, trained, and led thousands of employees over the course of her career.

Cardone Ventures is a management consulting, joint ventures, and private equity firm that helps business owners achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals through their business growth.

With no cost of capital and no outside investment, in 30 months Cardone Ventures has generated 60 million in revenue and over 30 million in EBITDA. Natalie is responsible for the operations and finding, hiring, aligning, developing, and retaining the team that allows the business to scale profitably.

Having attended the London School of Economics, Natalie uses her unique blend of operational and financial skill sets to align employees with the business objectives–for measurable returns on investment. She is a #1 Amazon bestseller for her book “TeamWork” which details exactly how she has built a highly engaged, highly aligned, high-performance team in order to accommodate the business opportunity and growth.

To get a free copy of the book go to and follow @thenataliedawson on TikTok.

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