How to Retain the Best Talent & Make Sure They Don’t Grow Beyond Our Capabilities w/Ford Duncan

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When it comes to building a dominant real estate team, agent recruitment is just one part of the equation.

It’s not just a matter of adding agents, it’s about adding the right ones, and giving them the tools and direction to keep them in our worlds. 

How do we create enough value for the best agents on our teams? What can we implement to make agents stop looking for other opportunities?

In today’s episode, I’m joined by team leader and operations manager at Duncan Group Properties and one of our clients at Elite Real Estate Systems, Ford Duncan. We discuss a very important but often neglected part of leading a team, retention.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to scale your team the right way
    At what agent count do we have to start intentionally thinking about culture, systems and accountability?
  • The real reason agents leave our teams
    How do we create an environment where our agents will never want to leave even if they are offered more money elsewhere?
  • Why leaders need to keep growing in order to retain talent
    As leaders, who do we need to become in order to retain our agents?

Guest Bio

Ford Duncan is the team lead and operations manager at Duncan Group Properties. He was one of the founding members and a team leader at The Duncan Group, along with his partner, and mother, Michelle Duncan. The Duncan Group quickly became one of the top teams at a large national franchise with sales volume in the top 2% nationwide.

The Duncan Group’s commitment to “Exceeding Expectations”  led to a strong client base that never failed to be satisfied with the service and representation that they received.

With that level of success and the strategies and techniques in place to bring about sales and satisfied clients, The Duncan Group transitioned into its own independent brokerage, Duncan Group Properties. Ford is the Operations Manager in addition to working with buyers, sellers, investors, and new construction communities.

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