Technology and Tools That Actually Work (& The Ones You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time On)

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In a world where so much technology promises to solve our business problems, it can be difficult to figure out which tools are truly helpful and which ones aren’t.

For real estate agents, teams, and brokerages, there are millions of tools and resources available to us, but not all of them give us the results we want, even with effort and consistency.

What are some of the tools and systems that we should be taking advantage of? Can it provide real value?

In this episode, Director of Operations & Marketing at Elite Real Estate Systems Kathryn Nizzi joins me to discuss the tools, resources, and systems that Elite Real Estate Systems has tried and tested and how they can benefit you.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The key to getting the most out of technology
    Even the best tech tools will fall flat if we’re not consistent. How do we make sure we’re not dropping the ball on that front?
  • Tried and tested methods and systems
    How do we figure out if a specific method or system works for us?
  • How to keep growing
    What kind of tools can you access through ERS to achieve your goals?

Kathryn Nizzi is the Director of Operations & Marketing at Elite Real Estate Systems.

Find Kathryn on LinkedIn @Kathryn Nizzi or email

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