The End of Real Estate Commissions: How to Fight for Your Survival Through Leveraged Roles and Strategic Partnerships

Team Building Podcast

The total collapse of the current real estate model is no longer up for debate – it’s already happening. In the next 5 years, commissions will be gone, and real estate agents will only survive by creating new avenues for profit.

The smartest agents and team leaders are setting themselves up before the scramble truly begins. How do you rethink your role as a Realtor in the future, and reshape your business around valuable concessions and partnerships? How do we stay viable and profitable when commissions become a thing of the past?

In this episode, we invite you into a coaching Q&A session where we discuss how to use leverage to stay relevant.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to attract strategic partners 
    The more deals you can bring to an insurance agent, title company or a mortgage officer, the more valuable you become, but the magic isn’t in your ability to bring deals. What will make them want to partner with us?
  • Why your database is an untapped gold mine
    How do we become a valuable and critical bridge between our consumers and the services they need beyond the real estate transaction?
  • The key to a successful ancillary business 
    Ancillary businesses will be the key to our survival when commissions disappear, but we don’t have to run them. Instead of adding a ton of work to our plates, how do you win through leverage?

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