The Mindset Shift For Exceptional Results w/ Dan Rochon

Team Building Podcast

Many people stay trapped throughout their lives because they don’t think their goals are attainable, but that simply isn’t true. We are capable of achieving anything we put our minds to.

Only we can dictate if we’ll reach our full potential. So to make our dreams a reality, we have to be willing to look inside ourselves through a process of personal development.

What do we need to change to ensure we become the best versions of ourselves? Can we shift our inner programming to guarantee our success in business and in life?

In this episode, author of Real Estate Evolution: The Ten Step Guide to CPI for Real Estate Agents, Dan Rochon shares how to fine-tune our inner game and maximize our chances of success.

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Takeaways + Tactics

  • How to start taking steps towards the lives of our dreams 
    Having a clear understanding of where we are now and where we want to go is vital. When we have an end goal in mind, it’s easier to fill in the blanks and start taking action.
  • Why it’s so important to know our ‘why’ 
    It’s easier to follow through on our goals when we understand the motivations behind them. We have to think about why our dreams are so important to us if we want to bring them to life.
  • Who we should be sharing our dreams with 
    The most important person we should be sharing our plans for the future with is ourselves. No matter how many people support our dreams, self-belief makes all the difference.

Guest Bio-

Dan Rochon is the Head Coach and Visionary at Greetings Virginia Sales Network. He is also the author of Real Estate Evolution: The Ten Step Guide to CPI for Real Estate Agents and host of The CPI Community Podcast. Having seen hundreds of agents fail in this business, Dan is passionate about helping people not only stay in the business, but thrive in it.

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