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As a solo or rainmaker agent, it’s up to you to generate leads and bring in new clients. In our latest hangout, we share some of our strategies to generate leads that are either free or low-cost enough to be accessible to solo agents.

3 Takeaways:

  1. Take care of your champions – Sphere referrals will always be your lowest cost lead generation.
  2. It takes 5 calls to actually make one contact – and 14 calls to make one appt (based on 100,000 calls made in 2015).
  3. Craigslist posting still works and leads convert at the same percentage as any other internet lead.

Sphere is important to the rainmaker agent.. The least expensive way to generate leads is to get a referral. -Jeff Cohn

Our Craigslist posting strategy draws a lot of questions, so first we go over our posting strategy and the results we’ve seen, plus explain how to get permission to post other broker’s listings in your market.

Next we tackled prospecting to Expired Listings and FSBO’s as well as using a triple-line dialer to make Just Listed/Just Sold or Market Update calls, and even how to load custom lists into a dialer.

We finished by sharing strategies for building deeper relationships with your sphere, encouraging referrals by wow-ing everyone who sends you business, using Power Notes, automatic emails and video marketing to create the top-of-mind-awareness that generates referrals.

Show Highlights:

2:18 Free Strategy- Posting listings to Craigslist- Common fears, lead quality and average sales price

3:45 How to outsource Craigslist posting to overseas VA for very low cost, and why you must be sending those leads to a lead capture website

7:00 How to get permission to post other agent’s or broker’s listings to Craigslist

9:20 Free to Low-Cost Strategy: Expired/FSBO and the top three tools to reach them, pros and cons of each tool and personal experience with each tool

13:30 Mojo’s integration with Boomtown

14:20 Key stats: Over 100k calls made in 2015, average call-to-contact conversion was 20%, and call-to-contact ratio was 7%.

16:30 How to adjust your mindset for calls based on these stats, and look at your calls as selling yourself for referrals rather than trying to sell directly to the person you’re speaking with

19:51 The least expensive way to generate leads is to get a referral – How often you should call different segments of your sphere

22:37 How to thank people for sending you referrals

24:30 How to use Power Notes – Handwritten thank you notes and why it’s important to send just a few sentences of personal comments with a few business cards enclosed

29:09 How to use automatic emails and videos to keep in touch with your sphere

32:00 Three Buckets system and why sphere is the best of those three buckets

All top rainmaker agents have large spheres of influence and build real relationships with their sphere over time, keeping them top of mind for repeat and referral business. Other lead generation methods like outbound prospecting and internet lead generation work best when added to a solid foundation of referral business from your sphere.

Click the link to download your free LPMAMA question framework.

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