Building a Solid Team: The Hard Way vs. The Right Way with Ashli Garcia

Team Building Podcast

A real estate team is meant to be an incubator for agents, a space that accelerates growth and creates a massive runway for them to create the life of their dreams. Unfortunately, that’s not the experience many agents have.

Many teams aren’t built on the right foundations – some aren’t even teams in the true sense of the word, and it results in the horror stories we hear about so often in this industry. Joining a team is a great decision if it’s built the right way, and in today’s episode, I’m joined by a leader who’s made it her priority to do just that.

In this episode, Happen Houston COO, Ashli Garcia shares what they are doing to set their agents up for success, and the systems they put in place to run such a dialed-in operation.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The job of a team leader
    How can we create an avenue for agents to stay in our world but still be able to spread their wings?
  • How to build a big thinking environment
    There’s more to real estate than selling homes – how do we help our agents tap into building wealth?
  • Why Ashli and her team work feverishly on the backend of the business
    How do we avoid the pain that comes with scaling too rapidly?

Guest Bio

Ashli Garcia is the COO of Happen Houston. Born and raised in Houston, Ashli is a reflection of her family’s pioneering work ethic, which hardwired elevated levels of service and tenacity into her psyche at a young age. Her evolution through real estate started out as a personal vision to redirect the industry toward a client-oriented arena, which quickly blossomed into a full-time career that has characterized her life since 2010. Simply put, real estate was never just a chapter in her life, but the backbone of her entire story. She believes in and works to manifest values that transcend profit or individual gain, finding purpose in the alignment between vision and action.

Keeping authenticity at the forefront of each interaction, Ashli orchestrates a more harmonious real estate experience, driven by processes and procedures that have been carefully curated throughout her years working through the industry. Over the years Ashli has served all facets of clients and now enjoys shaping the future of the industry through agent growth and leadership at Happen Houston. In addition to her 12 years in real estate, Ashli also has an integrated relationship with residential construction and real estate investment resulting in a “farm to table” perspective that understands not only how to buy and sell homes, but what it takes to build them and how to create a real estate portfolio for lasting wealth.

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