Eliminate the Excuses: How to be a More Effective Team Leader with Logan Boyce

Team Building Podcast

When you go from agent to team leader, you would think that the days of dedicating time to generating leads, finding value, and serving clients are behind you – but that’s far from reality.

The truth is, lead generation never stops, we’re just serving an entirely different client base – our own agents. To keep our teams profitable, we must keep pouring into our people and coaching them to be their best.

What does this shift look like, and what key mindsets need to guide how we operate as leaders?

In this episode, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Montreal’s Elite RE Group and Coach at Elite Real Estate Systems, Logan Boyce shares the path he took to build a real estate business that runs on autopilot.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The danger of staying in production too long
    Can we be effective as leaders if we’re in direct competition with our agents?
  • Why leaders create unnecessary frustration for themselves
    If we keep expecting to be exactly like us, we shrink the pool of agents available. How do we shift our mindset so we can empower more people?
  • The true purpose of a team leader
    When we get out of production, where do we reinvest that time and energy?

Guest Bio

Logan Boyce is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Montreal’s Elite RE Group, President of Flip Your City, and director of Sales & Coach at Elite Real Estate Systems.

To learn more, follow @loganjamesboyce on Instagram and find him on Facebook.

To find out about coaching, head to https://ersdemocall.com.

To Download two free PDF’s: Jeff’s Business Plan and his Lead Generation Guide, Click Here.

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