Micromanaging Won’t Make You a Millionaire: How to Achieve True Growth

Team Building Podcast

Business leaders want the freedom to focus on their zone of genius. Unfortunately, they delay that by holding onto every activity in the organization. To build a 7-figure operation, we must relinquish a lot of the functions in our businesses.

Why do so many people struggle to take this step? How do we let go of the urge to micromanage?

In this episode, Matt Johnson returns and we talk about what holds people back from the freedom they seek.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Bad advice for business
    Micromanaging may work in running a successful comedy show. Does it hurt us in business though?
  • The Good Samaritan mentality
    We don’t take things off our plates so we can do nothing. How does leverage allow us to provide more value?
  • A winner never thinks they’ve won
    How do we raise our ceiling for success so we can fire ourselves in many roles in our businesses?

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