From Community Team to CEO Team: Applying Lessons From the Team Building Summit

Team Building Podcast

When it comes to succeeding at the highest level, attending summits and absorbing knowledge is only step one of the journey. Implementing, failing and fixing your failures is what produces the results.

Last year, we talked to a team that attended the Team Building Summit, and took in a lot of knowledge. This year, they’ll be on stage sharing how they have grown and created a solid culture based on what they learned.

How are they shifting to a more profitable team structure? What are the big takeaways from the summit?

In this episode, Duncan Properties co-owners, and mother and son team leads, Michelle and Ford talk about their journey since attending the summit.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The best way to think about our teams
    Restaurants aren’t designed to serve every type of food. How do we apply the same mindset to our real estate businesses?
  • How to build a team that gives you freedom
    Why do so many teams end up stuck in the least profitable model with no passive income? 
  • Why failure is part of the journey
    What does the path of growing a business look like, and why do we need to accept that it comes with mistakes?

Guest Bio

Michelle Duncan is co-owner and broker-in-charge at The Duncan Group, and her son, Ford is the co-owner and operations manager. The Duncan Group’s commitment to “Exceeding Expectations”  led to a strong client base that never failed to be satisfied with the service and representation that they received.

With that level of success and the strategies and techniques in place to bring about sales and satisfied clients, The Duncan Group transitioned into its own independent brokerage, Duncan Group Properties.

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