How To Boost Your Marketing & Lead Conversion Using BoomTown w/ Grier Allen

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As we edge towards 2021, it’s time to put together our business plans for the year ahead. We have to start thinking about which systems we’re going to implement, and arguably, one of the most important is a CRM.

With so many CRMs on the market, we’re spoiled for choice, and selecting one can feel overwhelming. That being said, were all CRMs created equal?

Which features should the ideal offering have, and how can we be sure we’re choosing the right one for our businesses?

In this episode, Co-Founder and CEO of BoomTown, Grier Allen joins me to explain what sets BoomTown apart from its competitors.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Why we’re thinking of CRMs all wrong 
    Many people see CRMs as a lead gen tool, but while offerings like BoomTown have a lead gen component, the real value is in its conversion arm. BoomTown keeps us connected to our databases so we can turn existing leads into clients.
  • Why we shouldn’t expect to see results immediately 
    No matter how high-tech our CRM is, it takes time to see results because the consumer cycle is so long. Give the system 6-12 months to work its magic before evaluating its performance.
  • How BoomTown uses drip campaigns to help us nurture relationships 
    Leads are never limited to one transaction, but if we want to increase our chances of repeat business we have to stay in contact with our spheres over time. BoomTown uses long-term drip campaigns to make sure we stay top of mind in all things real estate-related.

Guest Bio-

Grier Allen is the Co-Founder and CEO of BoomTown. After earning his degree in Computer Science at Clemson University, Grier channeled his energies into real estate, an industry notorious for not making the most of digital technology.

Today, BoomTown is creating a more consumer focused real estate industry that connects buyers and sellers with knowledgeable, forward thinking real estate professionals across the US and Canada. Grier is a member of the Young Presidents’ Association.

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