How to Create Effective YouTube Content w/ Jackson Wilkey

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Facebook and Instagram are saturated with agents advertising their services – to stand out we have to take our marketing to a platform virtually untapped by our industry: YouTube. YouTube is one of the biggest search engines on the planet, which makes it a great place to gain exposure. The fantastic thing is, it’s completely free. How can we create the type of YouTube videos that generate tons of business?

On this episode, CEO of The YouTube Agents and eXp Real Estate Broker, Jackson Wilkey shares how to create YouTube videos that bring us business.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Lead with value
    To have a successful video, we can’t start by giving our names and listing our achievements – that will only make viewers tune out. Lead with value by letting the audience know exactly what to expect, and then give an introduction.
  • Highlight the city
    Instead of using our videos to talk about real estate, our content should show the audience what it’s like to live in our markets. Go out into different neighborhoods and shoot vlogs highlighting the pros and cons of living there.
  • Have a call to action
    People won’t work with us unless we tell them to. We have to tell the audience to contact us if they’re considering moving to our market. Let them know we’re open for business.

Guest Bio-

Jackson Wilkey is the CEO of YouTube Agents, a platform designed to help agents expedite the process of creating a successful YouTube channel to generate business from relocations—without paying for ads.

With relatively little experience as Realtors, Jesse and his business partner Jackson Dau did $15M in business in 2019, and they attract about 1,000 hot leads per year from their YouTube channel, Living in Portland, Oregon. Jackson is a Real Estate Broker with eXp Realty.

To find out more about Jackson and YouTube Agents, head to:

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