How to Provide Top Grade Value Without Lowering Commissions w/ Jeff Cohn

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As real estate team leaders, it’s our duty to provide our agents with as much value as possible. Most people worry that this will become expensive. But true value doesn’t have to come at a cost.

There are ways to provide our agents with excellent resources and our clients with stellar service with zero overhead cost, we just need to find someone else to foot the bill. We can support our agents, without lowering their commissions or dipping into our own pockets.

We shouldn’t need to make the difficult decision between value and profit to provide our people with the assistance they need.

In this episode, we invite you inside an ERS coaching call to learn how to ensure everyone on our teams wins without compromising on quality.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Broker admin fees provide the resource for excellent client service
    Implement a system where agents charge clients a broker admin fee. This money goes towards admin support, so the agent gets the assistance they need, while the client gets the value they deserve.
  • Create mutually beneficial partnerships to zero-cost marketing 
    It’s possible to have our marketing costs zero-rated if we approach private lenders. That being said, be sure to seek local legal counsel before entering into any agreements.
  • Turn real estate related services into ancillary businesses
    When bringing any services in-house, consider whether there’s an opportunity to run that business at a different location. If the answer is yes, turn them into ancillary businesses and have them contribute towards deals they stand to gain from. The amount they pay will depend on the service they offer and the profit they stand to make.

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