How to Take Your Business into the Next Decade w/ Andrew Clark

Team Building Podcast

As we approach a new year and a new decade, we have to start gearing up for changes to the industry in general, and our businesses in particular. How can we maintain a high level as we enter the new decade? Should we be worrying about the move towards iBuyers, and how can we keep our clients interested in us as the market increasingly shifts towards online alternatives?

On this episode, Broker/CEO at Medway Realty, Andrew Clark shares how we can take our businesses into an exciting future.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Keep agents happy by allowing them to work from home. There are so many great ways to communicate virtually, there’s no need for them to come into an office.
  • Stop worrying about iBuyers. When it comes to big investments like home ownership, consumers will continue to trust real agents with expertise in the industry.
  • Use virtual methods for consumer interactions. Clients want convenience, so we should be offering them the choice to see homes and meet with us virtually.

On this episode, we spoke about why it’s important to stay ahead of the curb in terms of industry changes. We mentioned ways to keep both clients and agents happy in the face of iBuyers, and spoke about the changes we need to make in our business models. We also discussed:

  • The pros and cons of salaried models in the future of the industry
  • Why hybrid fee models are so effective
  • How to empower agents in the face of i-buyers

Guest Bio-

Andrew Clark is the Broker and CEO of Medway Realty in Sarasota. Andrew has extensive international experience in real estate, having worked in the industry in the UK, Spain and the US. He is a proactive agent with a record that speaks for itself- and has been placed in the top 5% of Sarasota County agents for the past 7 years. Andrew is passionate about helping his team achieve the best results possible, and personally trains team members to offer exceptional service and ethics.

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