Matt Johnson on Becoming Microfamous in Real Estate & Choosing Your Level of Influence

Team Building Podcast

We’ve stepped into an age where you don’t necessarily have to be Tom Cruise famous to make an impact. You can have a level of fame that still allows you to go about your life without worrying about getting hounded at the grocery store.

The opportunity to be MicroFamous is available to us as team leaders, but what would it actually look like?

Today our show’s producer, CEO of Pursuing Results and the author of the book MicroFamous, Matt Johnson shares the idea behind his book and how it applies to the world of real estate.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The advantages of being MicroFamous
    Why are more people keen to have microfame, instead of mega-celebrity status?
  • The choice every team leader has to make
    As leaders, how do we decide where the attention goes…will it be our teams or ourselves?
  • How to become truly influential in your space
    What does being famously influential to the right people actually look like?

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