Mid-Year Real Estate Market Forecast: Why We’re not Headed for a Crash with Ehren Alessi

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One of the greatest subjects of debate right now is if the real estate market is headed for a crash, with most people believing that we most certainly are. 

Yes, the market is going to slow down, but it will be like going from 100-mph to 75-mph. We’re more likely to stay firmly in a seller’s market.

As real estate team leaders, how do we position ourselves for the upcoming market shifts?

In this episode, we’re joined by founder and CEO of Resolution Realty, Ehren Alessi. He shares how he grew his brokerage, and where he believes real estate is headed.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why many people might be wrong about the market
    Are we really heading for a cataclysmic bubble burst? 
  • Where to find opportunity in this market
    How will the ongoing pressures on the residential real estate market impact rentals?
  • How Ehren is creating a huge value proposition for agents
    What do we need to be thinking about if we want to build a dominant real estate business? 

Guest Bio

Ehren Alessi is the founder and CEO of Resolution Realty. Combining his 20 years of living in the Las Vegas valley with over 15 years’ experience in real estate, Ehren has been able to develop an unparalleled expertise in his local housing market. This experience has allowed him to consistently deliver results for his valued clients.

Since 2011, Ehren has ranked in the top five in home sales and has been formally recognized as a Top Listing Agent for two years running. With over 4,000 homes sold, including equity sales, short sales, and foreclosure sales, his transactional knowledge is second to none.

For more information head to https://resolutionrealtylv.com and contact Ehren directly by sending an email to ehren@resolutionrealtylv.com or call 702-809-8582.

To Download two free PDF’s: Jeff’s Business Plan and his Lead Generation Guide, Click Here.And if you’d like to keep up-to-date with Jeff, follow @jeffmcohn on Instagram.

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