No Capital? No Problem: How to Find the Right Loan for Your Investing Goals with Sanat Bhandari

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Real estate investing may be growing exponentially, but there is still plenty of room for expansion, especially when we deepen our understanding of lending strategies. Once we learn how to deploy loans effectively, we can grow our portfolios.

What are some of the opportunities that are available to us when it comes to loans? Can we actually invest without full capital?

In this episode, commercial mortgage broker and professional Sanat Bhandari joins me to discuss multifamily investing and what opportunities are available for savvy investors.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • No capital? No problem
    There isn’t a need for huge capital anymore. What are some of the options when it comes to investing when you don’t have the capital you need?
  • Asset classes and which to invest in
    There are many different asset classes we can invest in but how do we figure out which one will benefit us the most?
  • Resources for multi-family investing
    There are thousands of resources to aid with investing but which ones bring the most value?

Sanat Bhandari is a commercial mortgage broker. Sanat was born and raised in India

but resides in Omaha, Nebraska.

Visit or reach Sanat via text at (510) 857-4716.

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