No Excuses, Only Results: How to Create an Automatic Success Environment with Brandon Oot

Team Building Podcast

The best team cultures are so great, new recruits just naturally soak up what they need to succeed. That type of culture doesn’t just happen on its own though. It requires accountability, growth, and extreme ownership on the part of the leader.

How did Brandon Oot go from disillusioned bartender to running a $15 million team in 3 years? What kind of culture does he work hard to create?

In this episode, entrepreneur and broker/owner of the Core Real Estate Team, Brandon Oot talks about his journey and how he actively runs a culture of success.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Gain self-awareness through activity
    How does stepping out of the many roles on our teams help us identify what we’re good at?
  • Make everything your fault
    Extreme ownership can be scary, but incredibly liberating. How can we use it to make our teams better?
  • If you want the best, become the best
    Many leaders are frustrated by the quality of recruits they attract. Could this be self-inflicted?

Guest Bio 

Brandon Oot is an entrepreneur and broker/owner of the Core Real Estate Team. For more information, follow @boot4186 and @corerealestateteam on Instagram. You can also call 315-450-0674 or send an email to

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