How to Turn One Data Point into a Lifetime of Profit with Kyle Baack

Team Building Podcast

In this business, it’s easy to treat a contact as one opportunity and to discard it when the transaction ends. But one data point can be a node for multiple interactions. If we extend its life cycle, it can turn buying and selling one home into different verticals and transactions for years and even decades.

How do we use technology to unlock the lifetime value of a client?

In this episode, Chief Experience Officer at Fusion Growth Partners, Kyle Baack joins me to talk about magnifying the value of one data point, and we share an exciting announcement about what’s coming to ERS.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Coming soon…Powered by ERS
    How are we partnering with real estate teams to help them maximize their profit?
  • How to use tech to create efficiencies
    Can real estate teams remain profitable without leveling up on technology?
  • The most powerful asset in any real estate organization
    Outside of selling homes, what other pieces of value can we offer to consumers?

Guest Bio

Kyle Baack is the Chief Experience Officer at Fusion Growth Partners, and an executive at Powered By ERS, our real estate marketplace (still in beta). He is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of international business and technology.

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