Real Estate Bootcamp 2024: Grow with ERS

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Are you looking for the perfect real estate bootcamp for you and your team? A master class that ensures your company is on the right path to success in 2024?

One thing is for sure: the market has changed and will continue to change in the following years. What are you doing to stay in business and have a profitable team? 

On this episode of the Team Building Podcast, Jeff introduces the upcoming Team Building Bootcamp, a 5-day virtual event with master classes to help you and your team get to the highest level. 

What is The Team Building Bootcamp

Are you a real estate team leader feeling swamped with the multitude of tasks at hand? If you’ve ever felt like you’re constantly trying to juggle everything, let us reassure you you are not the only one.

In today’s real estate market, agents are on the move, commission splits are tightening, and inventory is dwindling. Interest rates are high, causing uncertainty in the market!

Yet, all you want is to lead a successful team and build wealth. That’s where we come in. Our mission is to help you create a thriving and successful team where your people feel valued, motivated, and, most importantly, eager to stay.

Well, Mark your calendars! We have the solution you have been looking for. From January 29th to February 2nd, join us for this 5-day virtual event. 

This is not just any event; it’s an intensive bootcamp designed specifically to equip you with the skills you need to excel in the real estate industry.

The Specs of the Real Estate Bootcamp

  • Dates: January 29 to February 2nd
  • Duration: 2 hours per day, 10 hours total
  • Cost: $97 a seat
  • Recorded sessions
  • ERS Clients: Ask for your free ticket 

The bootcamp is structured around three main aspects: Recruit, Train, and Retain. These pillars form the foundation of successful leadership in the real estate world. 

We will focus on each of these aspects, giving you the expert insights you need to attract top talent, train them effectively, and retain them in the long run.

The Team Building Bootcamp Itinerary 

What does this bootcamp offer exactly? Here, we give you the rundown of all the information you’ll have access to

Day 1: January 29

Navigating The New Age Of Real Estate with Jeff Cohn

  • Is that hope on the horizon? 
  • Get in the mind of Jeff Cohn. 
  • Learn recruitment, training, and retaining strategies.

Day 2: January 30

C.L.A.S.S. – Culture, Lead, Accountability, System, Strategy: The Pillars Of A Dominant Team with Andy Kueny

  • Learn how to bring your team together
  • how to run operations.
  • Strategies that are working RIGHT NOW to bring in qualified leads

Day 3: January 31

The Proven & Successful Way To Train Your Team with Logan Boyce 

  • Scaled team leaders
  • Train your agents
  • Keep agents motivated and proud to be on your team

Day 4: February 1st

Building Your Business for Scale with Shawn Quintero

  • Set up your operations: saves time, lowers costs, and increases sales with EOS
  • Discover Ai tools 
  • Learn the most effective way to generate leads

Day 5: February 2nd

Becoming The CEO Of Your Team, Closure with Jeff Cohn

  • Capitalize on today’s major market shifts.
  • Counterintuitive leadership style
  • Earn ownership of ancillary businesses

Questions Matter at The Team Building Bootcamp

Each day of the boot camp is thoughtfully structured to include 90 minutes of content-rich learning and 30 minutes dedicated to Q&A.

This is your opportunity to clarify doubts, explore ideas, and seek personalized advice from our staff of professionals who will be ready to answer all your questions.

We want to create a space for dialogue and learning. Interactive Q&A sessions allow us to understand your unique challenges and provide solutions tailored to your needs. 

Join The Team Building Bootcamp

Ready to develop your team? Join us at the Team Building Bootcamp and leverage the opportunity to learn about the new landscape of real estate. 

Get your tickets now and save your virtual seat in this amazing week full of knowledge and growth! 

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