The Best Marketing Blends in to Stand Out & More High-Level Strategies for Teams with Nick McLean

Team Building Podcast

When team leaders step out of production, the time we get back allows us to focus on being the visionaries, growth hackers, and lead marketers for our businesses. We have to facilitate an effective process for generating the leads that feed our agents at the highest level.

What strategies can we use to engage with our spheres? How do we use the time we get back as leaders to move our businesses forward?

In this episode, I’m joined by real estate coach, Nick McLean, owner and CEO of Nick McLean Real Estate Group. He shares the meat and potatoes of their Google Adwords and sphere engagement strategy.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The power of knowing our numbers
    What metrics do we need to be tracking obsessively as team leaders?
  • Finding ancillary opportunities
    What kind of profitable businesses can we run parallel to our real estate teams for maximum vertical integration?
  • How to engage an email list of 33,000
    How do we increase our email conversion by connecting what’s happening outside of real estate with our industry?

Guest Bio

Nick McLean is a real estate coach and owner/CEO of Nick McLean Real Estate Group. He is a former wildland firefighter, ice road trucker, Boeing 747 flight crewmember, and competitive XC Mountain Bike Racer.

Nick McLean Real Estate was formed in 2012 in Wenatchee, WA serving a population of under 100,000 people. The creator of the squadron team model, Nick’s team sells over 500 homes a year and $250,000,000 in sales volume. Nick has dedicated his focus to training agents each morning as the number one lever for the growth of the organization.

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