On the Fence About Getting a Coach? Here’s an Abundance of Proof to Help Make Your Decision!

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Choosing to move forward in osinesses may seem simple enough, but in reality, many team leaders are hesitant about investing in coaching programs because they’re afraid of the unknown.

However, if we stop seeing it as ‘the unknown’, that fear quickly dissipates. By listening to the success stories of those who have invested in themselves, coaching goes from a shot in the dark to a beacon of hope.

So, what have our predecessors learned from coaching, and how can we learn from their wins?

In this episode, you’re invited to an ERS client panel, featuring Matt Mick, Robert Rogers, Ehren Alessi and Mike Coleman, as we dive into their many success stories since joining ERS.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to take advantage of the time we get back
    We invest so much in buying back our time, but once we’ve achieved that freedom, what should we be doing with the hours we get back?
  • One thing we need to know about leverage
    Can we grow our teams without stepping out of the aspects of the business we really do love?
  • The key to a better work/life balance
    Is it ever really possible to have a work/life balance as business owners?

Guest Bio

Matt Mick is the Team Lead at Lincoln Select Real Estate Group. Serving both buyers and sellers, Matt prides himself on providing next-level service to his clients, and considers his superpower his willingness and ability to disrupt the business as we know it.

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Ehren Alessi is the Founder and CEO of Resolution Realty. With over a decade and a half of experience in the Las Vegas Valley, Ehren has unparalleled expertise in his market. As committed to customer service as he is to building a strong, evolving technological infrastructure, Ehren is passionate about serving his community at the highest level.

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Robert Rogers is the President at Crescas Real Estate. Throughout his career, Robert has been the recipient of countless awards, and since relocating to Virginia in 2012, he’s been in the top 1% of Realtors in the Hampton Roads Realtors Association every year.

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Mike Coleman is the Team Owner of The Mike Coleman Team. A self-proclaimed ‘fanatic’ for social change, Mike is passionate about using real estate as an avenue to fuel his philanthropy, and his drive for success in business lies in his desire to help others.

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