The BIGGEST Mistake We’re Making When Building Accountability-Based Businesses

Team Building Podcast

No organization can thrive without a built-in accountability system, but even though most of us are trying to implement one, we’re not always going about it the right way. Where are we going wrong?

What does a truly accountability-based business look like, and how can we put it into action? Who should we be holding accountable in the first place, and how should we do it?

In this episode, you’re invited to an ERS coaching call on accountability where you’ll learn the pillars of true accountability in business.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The #1 team member we need to hold accountable1
    As leaders, it’s our duty to keep our agents on track to achieving their goals, but we should never start with them. Who should we be holding accountable first?
  • How to stay accountable as a leader 
    Who can we depend on to keep us on the right track?
  • How to hold others accountable without seeming harsh 
    Is it possible to be brutally honest without hurting people’s feelings in the process? How do we put the love into tough love?

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