Building a $100 Million Team That Takes 1 Hour a Week to Run w/ Kevin Kauffman

Team Building Podcast

Nothing is more important than our role as parents and partners. Our priorities should reflect that, even if we’re running a business.

When we don’t prioritize our loved ones, we miss out on precious moments we can never get back. Growing a team, and succeeding through others gives us a bigger opportunity for impact and fulfillment than selling real estate, but the sad truth is many people in our industry will never experience it.

Why are so many agents unwilling to step out of production? How do we build schedules that honor and prioritize our families?

In today’s episode, I’m joined by co-founder of The Group 4610 Network with eXp Realty, and host of the Kevin and Fred Show, Kevin Kauffman. He shares what it took to build a $100 million volume team working only an hour a week in the business.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to prioritize what matters 
    Time blocking isn’t just for our businesses, it’s for our family time too. By setting an intention to be present for our children and spouses, and building it into our schedules, we actually create more freedom and fulfillment. That time should be non-negotiable, and it can’t be if we’re not planning ahead for it.
  • The limiting belief that holds agents back from growing a team 
    The big barrier to growing a team and stepping out of production is the unwillingness to deal with a temporary drop in revenue. Anyone who built a successful team had to take a risk and face this setback. Instead of seeing it as a big mistake, they saw it as the short-term discomfort that would get them to their goal.
  • Why agents end up trapped by the job 
    When agents fail to create a plan to build wealth through leverage and ancillary businesses, they are doomed to stay on the hamster wheel of sales. We have to put our energy into something that can create long-term wealth and financial freedom.

Guest Bio-

Kevin Kauffman is the co-founder of The Group 4610 Network with eXp Realty, and host of the Kevin and Fred Show. His mission is to produce extraordinary results, influence people, and impact lives. Group 4610 Network is Consistently named as one of the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends Top 1,000 Real Estate Agents in the United States. With over 350 homes sold annually, Kevin and his team rank in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the United States.

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