The Journey to Accomplished and Successful Team Leader w/ Logan Boyce

Team Building Podcast

A successful, thriving real estate team rests on 6 pillars – culture, lead generation, lead conversion, accountability, systems and strategy. 

As a team leader, we have to refine and stabilize these aspects so the operation runs like a well-oiled machine. 

This is what will allow us to step out of production, focus on the high-level leadership, and diversify the revenue streams in our business. 

My guest today has built a thriving real estate team through investing in the right systems and the right coaching. What are the biggest lessons he’s learned along the way? Why did he choose to get out of production in order to protect his team’s culture? 

In this episode, CEO of Montreal’s Elite RE Group and director of Sales & Coaching at Elite Real Estate Systems, Logan Boyce talks about his leadership journey.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to effectively build without spreading ourselves too thin 
    We can’t implement every system all at once. Every pillar of building a successful team has to be implemented methodically and with purpose. We have to implement one system and master it before we move to the next one. 
  • Why staying in production can harm our culture 
    Staying in production as a team leader is a recipe for disaster when it comes to our team culture and morale. It can end up dividing our team and creating a sense of competition and rivalry between us and our agents. 
  • How Logan stabilized his business 
    If we want to build a business that can make it through different market conditions, we have to create multiple streams of revenue and make them as passive as possible.

Guest Bio- 

Logan Boyce is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Montreal’s Elite RE Group, President of Flip Your City, and director of Sales & Coach at Elite Real Estate Systems.

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