The Key to Taking Charge of Your Goals and Turning Your Dream Life into Your Waking Reality

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As we near the start of a new year, many of us are beginning to think more seriously about what we want to get out of our businesses, our careers, and our lives. The key to doing that effectively lies in visioning.

The problem is, while many of us have clear goals, they’re often informed by fear and what we don’t want to happen, rather than what we do want our lives to look like. As a result, instead of taking steps to making our dreams a reality, we end up stagnating.

So, how can we cultivate a vision for the lives we want to lead and start taking actionable steps towards making it happen?

In this episode, President at Crescas Real Estate, Robert Rogers shares how to get better at career visioning.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The key to creating a successful vision board
    How can we increase our chances of following through on our goals and turning our dreams into reality?
  • How to help our agents make good on their goals
    How can we, as leaders, help our agents stay on track with the goals they’ve set for themselves?
  • Why playing offence is so important
    Will we really create the lives we want to lead if all our actions stem from a place of fear?

Guest Bio-

Robert Rogers is the President at Crescas Real Estate. A Realtor since 2004, Robert is the recipient of countless accolades thanks to his passion for the business, including among others 2008 Realtor of the Year by the 1-85 North Board of Realtors. Previously at Keller Williams Realty, in 2018, Robert channeled his extensive industry knowledge into his very own firm, Upscale Avenues Realty Group, with the goal of creating an unmatched experience for consumers.

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Note for listeners:

Jeff Cohn shared his vision board at 18:56-19:45  

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