Creating a Coaching Experience that Serves the Dreams of our Agents w/ Paul Richardson

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Traditional brokerages and teams fail the average agent because they don’t provide a solid foundation for them to build their dreams.

There’s often no coaching or structured curriculum to help them become the best version of themselves or infrastructure for that agent to build a sustainable business. As leaders, it’s our job to provide the systems, tools, support, and coaching for them to achieve at the highest level.

We need to create an environment for excellence and make the organization big enough to hold the dreams of our agents. Without this, it’s impossible to retain top talent.

What is the CAP coaching experience, and why is it instrumental to the success of our agents? How do we empower and equip our agents to become the best version of themselves?

In this episode, I’m joined by operating partner and co-founder of KWElite, Paul Richardson. We talk about the coaching program we’re implementing in our own brokerage, and why it’s a key part of the value we provide to our agents.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • The 3 mindsets of a traditional agent 
    There’s a dependent mindset, an interdependent mindset, and an independent mindset. As agents grow, they might want to move towards the independent mindset. If we give our companies the ability to provide all these structures, we create a big enough world for agents to become the best version of themselves.
  • Why recruiting should be about the agent, not us 
    Most of us recruit to our needs, but that does a disservice to the people we hire. If we start with the DISC profile and use Career Visioning, we can put people in roles where they can make an impact and grow. If we hire based on where the agent can be the best version of themselves, they will go further.
  • How to create an environment for success 
    If we’re not intentional about the environment we create, we can end up with a life that’s programmed for us, not the life we want. Our surroundings can program the results and outcomes we get. When we do the Career Visioning process, we have to look at the surroundings clearly and make sure they’re aligned with where we want to go.

Guest Bio-

Paul Richardson is the operating partner and co-founder of KWElite. To learn more about career opportunities at KWElite, visit

Book Mentioned

The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly

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