Master the Art of the Marketing Presentation

Team Building Podcast

As team leaders, marketing presentations are something we need to use, whether for listings, buyers, investing or recruitment purposes. However, it’s not enough to just passively give the presentation.

Marketing presentations are tools, so we need to use them the right way.

What should we be including in our presentations to make them stand out? Is there anything we shouldn’t be sharing?

In this episode, sit in on an ERS coaching call to see how other team leaders are creating marketing presentations that bring massive results.

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Takeaways + Tactics

  • Which numbers we should be sharing in our presentations 
    Track analytically to see how many showings it takes to get an offer and include those numbers in a presentation. Sharing statistics is a great way to entice a client and let them know what to expect.
  • What new agents should be including in their presentations 
    New agents might not have an established track record, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t add statistics into their presentations. Include numbers from the brokerage, or even the neighborhood being served.
  • How to help agents find the right marketing presentation style for them 
    It’s important to remember that what works for us might not work for all our agents. Instead of encouraging everyone in the organization to follow our models, we need to help them find a way to express their personal brands.

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