Do the Benefits of Building a Team Outweigh the Challenges? w/ Alyssa Herrmann

Team Building Podcast

Most team leaders would agree that the feeling of seeing our agents succeed is motivating and rewarding. However, that doesn’t mean building a team comes without its fair share of challenges.

From feeling overwhelmed, to the frustration that comes from agents who aren’t shaping up, building a team isn’t for the fainthearted. That being said, for those who do push past the challenges, the benefits are immeasurable.

What are the biggest concerns among team leaders, and how do we combat them? How can we ensure our agents achieve everything they set their minds to, and is it possible to do that without becoming glorified babysitters?

In this episode, co-host Renee Mueller and I hear how CEO of Red Yucca Group at Keller Williams, Alyssa Herrmann built a successful team of 10 in just one year.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to build a team without becoming a babysitter 
    One of the major reasons so many leaders shy away from building bigger teams is because they don’t want to spend every hour of the day running after agents. Don’t sacrifice the benefits that come from having a team, just hire a success manager to lighten the load.
  • What makes most brokerages fail 
    Education makes the difference between booming business and exiting the business. For long-standing success, we have to be willing to invest in our agents and provide them with all the information they need.
  • What to do when recruits don’t shape up 
    There will always be some agents who don’t make it in our teams, no matter how much support we offer. As long as we’re providing the resources, we have to remember that theyare the ones who need to take advantage of the opportunities.

Guest Bio-

Alyssa Herrmann is the CEO of Red Yucca Group in El Paso, Texas. She first signed up for ERS Coaching in 2020, and the results speak for themselves: by the end of the year, she had grown her team from 2, to 10! Alyssa is passionate about helping her agents reach their full potential, and as her team expands even further, she looks forward to any opportunity to touch more people’s lives, from agent to client, both in and outside of her market.

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