Tech Powered and Client-Centric: The Real Estate Office of the Future

Team Building Podcast

Big changes are coming in the real estate industry, and if we’re not willing to move with the times, we’ll get left behind.

What will the industry look like in the coming years, and what can we do to start future-proofing our businesses today? Will ANY aspects of real estate as we know it survive, or is it time for a complete overhaul?

In this episode, you’re invited to Jeff’s Boomtown Unite presentation on taking our real estate businesses into the future.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to create a VIP experience for every client
    How can we ensure we’re going above and beyond the traditional transaction experience and helping our clients in EVERY aspect of new home ownership?
  • The key features of the office of the future
    What does the future real estate office look like and how does it differ from the traditional setup?
  • How to create a bigger sphere using social media
    How can we leverage everything we do to get in front of a wider audience?

Books and links mentioned in this episode:

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – Gary Keller

To Download two free PDF’s: Jeff’s Business Plan and his Lead Generation Guide, Click Here.And if you’d like to keep up-to-date with Jeff, follow @jeffmcohn on Instagram.

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