Overcoming Challenges through Real Estate Coaching

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Real estate coaching has become a popular topic among teams and brokerages looking to level up their games. How can we ensure we are getting the right type of assessment?

It is no lie that the real estate business has become more crowded than ever before, and coaching can be a stepping stone to becoming a better real estate agent or leading a stronger real estate team. 

In this Team Building podcast, Jeff is joined by Andy Kueny from KW Elite to discuss how their coaching strategy is the right one for your business goals. 

Jeff and Andy Before Coaching 

Jeff and Andy’s history has been a long one; they met a few years ago when Andy was an agent, just eight months deep in the real estate game. 

Their friendship started in a meeting that almost didn’t happen. Andy had acquired a promising lead just when he was supposed to meet with Jeff; so Andy found himself needing to reschedule the meeting.

When Andy picked up the phone and explained the situation to Jeff, the response he got was unexpectedly casual. “No worries,” Jeff had said, “I’ll just give these 50 leads to another agent.” 

That sparked something in Andy. He realized that this was an opportunity he couldn’t afford to miss. He knew then that he was standing at the precipice of a long and productive journey in real estate.

After their meeting, Andy made the decision to join Jeff’s team. Thus began a period of intense growth and learning.

In his early days under Jeff’s guidance, Andy sold 29 houses, 27 of which were leads provided by Jeff.

Real Estate Coaching Journey 

But Andy wasn’t just another member of Jeff’s team. He was a natural leader. His talent for management soon became evident, so he became a successful manager for Elite Real Estate Systems.

In this position, he started coaching and growing in his professional career, something we wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for that one meeting. 

As he guided others on their own professional journeys, Andy continued to grow and evolve in his career after, together with Jeff, they decided to craft the perfect coaching for real estate companies and agents.

Real Estate Coaching Today

So, after years of practicing and finally understanding what real estate agents and teams need, ERS has come up with a coaching strategy that actually works and improves workflow, productivity, engagement, and motivation. 

Every Thursday, team leaders converge in group coaching sessions, creating an environment of shared knowledge and experience. These sessions tackle core topics designed to enhance the effectiveness of their teams and boost business success. 

These coaching sessions aim to empower businesses, making them not just powerful but also profitable. 

They help establish a strong structure that can withstand the challenges of the ever-changing real estate market. The goal is ultimate success, reaching new heights for the company and for each agent. 

Real Estate Coaching for Team Leaders

Through tailored coaching sessions, leaders can significantly enhance their ability to manage and motivate their teams effectively. 

These sessions focus primarily on three core topics: optimizing the agent’s time, knowing where to put efforts, and being intentional with actions.

Agent’s Time

Sometimes, we think that agents are disposable and just there to help us, but just because leaders might put in the resources and money, that doesn’t mean they are not proving value. 

Agents bring immense value to any real estate operation, and their time is one of the most significant assets they contribute.

Team leaders, through effective coaching, discover strategies to ensure that the time agents spend in the company is well-utilized, allowing them to learn, grow, and evolve into more competent professionals within the organization. 

This approach not only enhances the productivity of the team but also fosters an environment conducive to personal and professional development.

Knowing Where to Put Your Efforts

You know how it goes: it’s about working smarter, not harder.  Jeff and Andy always encourage leaders to put their efforts where they might be more valuable for everyone. 

This strategic approach to effort allocation helps team leaders pinpoint areas that require their attention and resources and those that don’t. 

These enable them to focus on tasks with the highest return on investment instead of spending countless hours on unproductive activities.

Being Intentional

Being intentional with what you do is a key principle that Jeff and Andy emphasize in their coaching sessions. 

They encourage team leaders to avoid taking actions based on assumptions or what they think might work. Instead, they promote a data-driven approach where decisions are made based on thorough analysis and proven strategies; this is what we mean by intentional. 

This intentionality ensures that every action taken is purposeful and result-oriented. It eliminates guesswork and encourages team leaders to take deliberate steps that are known to deliver results, thereby enhancing the overall productivity and success of the team.

In essence, real estate coaching for team leaders is about empowering them with the knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to lead their teams effectively.

Start Real Estate Coaching the Right Way

Are you ready to get the coaching that you and your team need? By following these tips, you will be well on your way!

Stop wasting your time and money on strategies that don’t work. We are ready to help you get your business on track right now! 

Contact Elite Real Estate Systems today and start seeing the results you want for your business. 

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