Ensuring Your Business Thrives After COVID-19 w/ Prashant Vanka & Danny Burgess

Team Building Podcast

COVID-19 has dropped a massive question mark-shaped bomb on us all, so to ensure our businesses survive the pandemic, it’s vital we start adapting our strategies immediately. Do we need to stay productive while sheltered in place? How can we reach out to both buyers and sellers during this time?

In this episode, Prashant Vanka and Danny Burgess of Doors Advisors Keller Williams share how to handle the question mark-shaped bomb that is COVID-19.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Stay disciplined and keep grinding. COVID-19 has divided us into two camps: productive and unproductive – if we want our businesses to thrive once this passes, we have to ensure we’re in the first group.
  • Reach out to buyers from the past 5 years and let them know the houses they couldn’t close on at the time will be available to them now.
  • Boost inventory by using Airbnb. In light of travel restrictions and uncertainty in the tourism industry, Airbnb owners will be extremely motivated sellers both now and in the immediate post-COVID-19 period.

At the start of this episode, we shared ways to stay productive while sheltered in place. We also spoke about how to manage time more effectively when ‘not having the time’ is no longer a valid excuse.

We also discussed:

  • The importance of reaching out to our databases during the pandemic
  • Why we have to address the elephant in the room with our clients
  • How to gain a higher market share during this period

Guest Bio-

Prashant Vanka is the co-founder of and principal agent at Doors Advisors.

He is also the Managing Partner at Doors Developments, which identifies, acquires and manages income-producing properties that help investors collect monthly cash flow.

To contact Prashant, email him at: prashant@doorsadvisors.com

Danny Burgess is the co-founder of and lead sales agent for Doors Advisors . Having grown up the son of an architect contractor, Danny’s passion for real estate was instilled in him from a young age. As the lead sales agent at Doors Advisors, Danny believes in educating his clients every step of the way, to ensure they feel comfortable and cared for throughout their transaction.

To get in contact with Danny, email him at danny@doorsadvisors.com

You can also follow him on Instagram at @travel_realestate_magnet

For more about Doors Advisors, visit doorsadvisors.com

Books mentioned on this episode:The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod https://www.miraclemorning.com/books/

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