How to Gain the Confidence to Lead & Influence Your Tribe with Spring Bengtzen

Team Building Podcast

Many people have the capacity to lead, influence, and impact the people around them, but they just don’t have the confidence to put themselves out there.

You might not feel successful enough to bring attention to yourself, or you’re worried about how people perceive you, but you do have a ton of value to offer your tribe. Once you’ve gained the confidence to step up as that leader in your world, you will change many lives.

How do we overcome our imposter syndrome? How do we get more comfortable with showing our authentic selves to the world?

In this episode, I’m joined by mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, and the CEO of the Utah Life Real Estate Group, Spring Bengtzen. She shares how she became comfortable with being an impactful influencer in her space.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to find the tribe your message with land with
    We don’t have to make an impact on everyone, how do we zero in on who really needs to hear what we have to say?
  • The key to busting through imposter syndrome
    Very often we’re our own biggest critics – how do we silence that negative voice?
  • What makes sharing our stories easier
    How do we make sure the version of ourselves we put out there is who we truly are, not what we think people want?

Guest Bio

Spring Bengtzen is a leader, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, the CEO of the Utah Life Real Estate Group, and Associate Broker at REAL Broker LLC. Real estate is her team’s primary vehicle for personal growth and wealth. Their set of beliefs is their number one asset and nurturing this culture is her number one investment. It’s because of this high-performance standard that Spring’s team produces over 450 transactions a year. ​Spring is committed to building wealth for herself and for her agents by creating profitable businesses within the real estate space.

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