How to Implement Effective Systems in Your Business w/ Misty Soldwisch

Team Building Podcast

The key to a successful business lies in effective systems, so it’s important we put the right ones in place. How can we simplify the organization of our teams?

How can we reward our agents for great results, and what can we do to help them take their own business up a notch?

In this episode, Broker/Owner at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Innovations, Misty Soldwisch shares how to put more effective team systems in place.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Leverage systems that simplify organization. Tools like Trello work wonders for any business.
  • Categorize agents based on what they’ve achieved. By doing this, we not only motivate them to get to the next level, but ensure they feel valued for their contributions.
  • Offer agents support. The best thing we can do as leaders is to provide our teams with the tools and systems to take their business to the next level.

At the start of this episode, we spoke about when it’s a good idea to keep a team lean. After explaining that we should hire based on shared values systems rather than the need to fill positions, we suggested ways to serve our agents better.

We also discussed:

  • The support we should be offering our agents
  • Why business coaching is vital to help our teams level up
  • The importance of having effective systems in place

Guest Bio-

Misty Soldwisch is the ‌Broker/Owner at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Innovation. Licensed to sell real estate since 2000, Misty has been a Broker/Owner since 2007.

She enjoys the challenge and the honor of helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals, and works alongside her team of dedicated agents who all have specialized roles for their part of the real estate process. She also loves the opportunity to work with her husband Keith as Chief Operations Officer for their business— the two have been married since 1995, and have 4 kids together.

While Misty had great success with her prior brand affiliations (she was the No.1 Team Leader for 4 years), she jumped at the opportunity to partner in 2017 with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. It is an incredible combination of a trusted, quality brand backed by a media powerhouse – great technology, grounded in the traditions of home!

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