Mailbox Innovations are the Future of Marketing w/ Kyle Baack

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With digital titans like Amazon and Google investing in physical mail and sending out postcards, it’s clear that direct mail is going to a key part of the marketing strategies of the future, especially in a post-pandemic world. 

As a strategy, physical mail has become incredibly unique because most businesses are now focused on their digital channels. If we marry physical mail with the digital world, we equip ourselves to capture more opportunity in our markets. 

What are the best lead mediums and ways to stay top of mind and in front of our clients going into the next decade? What are the most important and surprising marketing strategies and methods for the hyper-tech real estate office of the future? 

In this episode, President and Chief Innovation Officer of TPMCO, Kyle Baack shares why physical mail is making a strong comeback in marketing, and how to marry it with digital strategies for the maximum marketing exposure.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How the postal service is innovating mail 
    With informed delivery, mail recipients are emailed a scan of a piece of mail. A print provider can upload a document, picture, hyperlink or even a QR code that redirects them to a page of their choosing. 
  • Why physical mail is the future of marketing 
    Many digital companies are spending money to get into people’s mailboxes because it’s not a crowded marketing medium. We’re going to see an increase in strategies that leverage print mail. 
  • How to leverage physical mail 
    There are many ways to use mail in our marketing and relationship-building strategies. We can send out podcasts as part of a client follow-up program and to market to our spheres. We can boost our physical mail strategies by marrying them with digital tools like QR codes.

Guest Bio- 

Kyle Baack is the President and Chief Innovation Officer at The Personal Marketing Company (TPMCO). For more than four decades, TPMCO has helped

thousands of real estate professionals grow their businesses. As the housing market has fluctuated and new technology has become available, they’ve worked hard to keep their products relevant and innovative. 

The TPMCO team is committed to continually researching current real estate trends and implementing new systems so that they can provide the highest quality in personalized marketing materials.

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