How to Make the Most of a Market Shift w/ Mark Pattison

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Market shifts are an inevitable occurrence feared and dreaded by many in this business.

It is possible to survive and thrive through them, but we have to be optimistic and focused on finding opportunities in the chaos.

Why is mindset so important during a shift? How do we maximize our output during this uncertain period?

In this episode, Founder of PorchLight, Mark Pattison shares how to make the most of a market shift.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • One of the biggest barriers to success is negativity. Instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong, think of what could go right.
  • If we want to thrive both during and after this market turn, we have to double our efforts while everyone else is slowing down. Don’t stop paying for lead sources now.
  • Don’t use lockdowns and quarantine as an excuse to stop working, see it as an opportunity to get even more done.

Guest Bio-

Mark Pattison is the Founder of and Team Lead at PorchLight, a team led by the top 1% of agents in San Diego County. After graduating with honors from Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics, Mark went on to work for a range of prestigious brands before setting his sights on real estate.

Mark has an exceptional work ethic and optimistic mindset, and devotes himself to each individual client.

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