The Big Picture Thinking That Guarantees Growth

Team Building Podcast

As team leaders, we’re all motivated to grow our businesses, and most of us have impressive big picture goals. The question is, how do we turn those goals into our reality?

What can we do now to ensure we achieve everything we set our minds to, and how long will the process take? Should specific timeframes be guiding our process?

What are the obstacles we might face along the way, and what can we do to surmount them?

In this episode, we invite you to an ERS coaching call where we discuss these big picture goals and how to achieve them.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Why we need to re-think our race to the finish line 
    When thinking about our goals, many of us think in terms of a final destination, but the truth is we’ll never be ‘done’. Our lives will always be filled with new challenges, so focus on enjoying the journey.
  • How to keep our teams motivated on their big picture goals 
    Ask agents to share their vision boards at the start of each year. As soon as they start showing signs of stagnation, hold them accountable by asking which goals they’re willing to remove, odds are, they’ll choose to keep them and get back into game mode.
  • How to counter resistance from agents when making the necessary tweaks 
    Many times, agents will resist new tweaks like a broker fee because they see it as a money grab by us. Change that perception by giving them a clear explanation of where the money is going and how it will serve them.

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