The Most Effective Marketing Tools for the Hybrid Agent w/ Gary Boomershine & Robert Syfert

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The new era of real estate is going to require hybrid agents – real estate professionals who can seamlessly move between investing and property listing based on the needs of the consumer.

An agent who can represent both sides and wear both hats is going to win and scale, especially when they are backed by sophisticated marketing systems, that allow them to target the correct clients.

Residential real estate agents who want to be hybrid agents need to invest in the right tools that simplify lead acquisition and follow up. Data stacking is one of the most powerful ways to zone into the avatar properties and sellers who will take action on our direct mail marketing.

What are the kinds of products we need to be taking advantage of to scale a successful hybrid real estate/investing operation? How can we clearly define the properties we need to be going after?

In this episode, I’m joined by co-founders, Gary Boomershine and Robert Syfert. They share the tools they’ve developed to help hybrid agents scale and market more effectively.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why direct mail still works so well 
    A lot of marketing companies are missing out by just being digital. Direct mail is still a highly effective marketing channel, especially when it’s done with the right technology, and targeted to the right people. It’s not about direct mail, it’s about finding the right strategy to target off-market sellers. Direct mail is still the perfect way to generate seller leads that aren’t already actively listed.
  • The power of data stacking 
    Success in investing starts with the data we’re feeding our lead generation and follow up engine. Data stacking allows us to target people based on multiple pain points or points of value. Predictive analytics and data stacking gives us refined information and details so we’re not wasting our direct mail on the wrong people.
  • What sets the hybrid agent model apart 
    The same data stacking tools that benefit real estate investors looking for off-market deals also benefit agents looking for homes to list. The same marketing channel used by investors can still bring in people who are more interested in listing traditionally than selling to an investor. This is why the hybrid agent model is so powerful, it allows us to provide a solution for each type of seller.

Guest Bio-

Gary Boomershine is the founder and CEO of is a vertical solution provider in the Real Estate Niche, servicing real estate investors, agents and private lenders. Their flagship service,, provides managed marketing, shared systems and proven results. has a proven direct response marketing formula offering both direct mail and online PPC/SEO services to their members. They’ve sent out over 14,000,000 pieces of direct mail averaging about 500,000 pieces a month currently.

Robert Syfert is a Real Estate Mogul, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Husband, Father, World Traveler and Co-Founder & Visionary at He is an innovator in the real estate investment industry who creates software, tools, and services that enable real estate investors to do things better and faster. He’s passionate about being part of the solution and finding answers to the problems that hold real estate investors back from growing and scaling their businesses. Robert is a highly sought out speaker in both real estate investing and software solutions. He’s a philanthropist, and he gives back to the industry through his mentorship program and business coaching services.

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