Why Partnerships are Key to Survival & Success in a Challenging Market with Chris Vinson

Team Building Podcast

When the real estate market softens, the people who invest in relationships survive. Going it alone is a sure way to have a harder time, but that’s avoidable.

If we take the time to set up partnerships and joint ventures, growing our businesses becomes easier.

What are companies missing when it comes to growth? Why do some companies still struggle? What is the value of symbiotic relationships and how do we create them?

In this episode, the CEO of Windsor Mortgage, Chris Vinson joins me to discuss how partnerships are beneficial in any industry, how it’s helped his team grow, and what exactly it is that consumers want.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Keep it local
    Before expanding, how do we ensure we’ve explored every local option?
  • Focus on growing slowly
    As visionaries, we want all our implementers to keep up but we also don’t want them to break. How can growing slowly aid with this?
  • How a personal touch can make a world of difference
    How does a personal touch help us to stand out with clients?

Guest Bio

Chris Vinson is the mastermind behind the Mortgage Division at Plains Commerce Bank. From humble beginnings in 2001 to coaching mortgage professionals across the country, Chris has an undeniable passion to help others succeed. With two decades of experience, Chris has developed a team that produces over 5.6 billion in originations a year, focusing on customer experience and state-of-the-art technology.

Having a vision, drive, and passion for growing the mortgage industry, Chris, along with his mortgage team, has surpassed 25% regional market share and has been voted the Sioux Falls Local Best Mortgage Company for eight years running.

Sharing his success, Chris inspires and coaches his team of Mortgage Bankers along with CEOs and Loan Originators across the U.S. to ensure his team, along with the clients and community banks they serve have the tools needed to succeed.

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