Leads have Nothing to do with Luck: The Secret to Higher Conversion 

Team Building Podcast


When it comes to generating and converting leads, there’s no such thing as getting lucky. A lead doesn’t just land in your lap out of thin air, it’s a culmination of doing all the right things in the past. Once we start tracking what we’re doing, we can see what’s working, and the value of incubating a lead over a longer period of time.

A good lead conversion system has to be able to accommodate and engage with people on different timelines, whether they want to sell in 2 months or 2 years.

How do we perfect our lead conversion so that we stop being subject to the market? In this episode, we invite you to our team training where we share why conversion is the key to profitability.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The power of archived leads
    How do we get more people to return to our website and maintain a connection with us?
  • How to incubate a lead
    Why is it crucial that we meet a lead face to face, even if they are many months out?
  • You haven’t earned the right to be picky about leads yet
    When can an agent truly be in a position to turn down business?

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