Short-Term Rental Success: How the Best Self-Manage at a High Level with Avery Carl

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Short-term rentals are a great source of income but many people overlook them. It can bring a lot of value and growth, so why aren’t more people investing in it?

Short-term rentals can be much easier than traditional long-term rentals if you have the right tools.

Why should we look at investing in short-term rentals and how can we get started? Is self-management too much of a headache?

CEO of The Short Term Shop, Avery Carl joins me for this episode to talk about how she got started with short-term rentals, how it works, and how she’s now helping other people buy and manage their properties.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The opportunity in short-term rentals
    Learning property management by ourselves can help increase the income that short-term rentals bring in.
  • Piquing potential clients’ interest
    By simply answering questions, we can pique the interest of our clients.
  • Property management tools you can use
    There are many property management tools out there but which ones provide value?

Guest Bio

Avery Carl is the author of Amazon’s best-seller, “Short Term Rental, Long Term Wealth: Your Guide to Analyzing, Buying, and Managing Vacation Properties,” and the host of “The Short Term Show” Podcast!

Avery is also the CEO of The Short Term Shop, the country’s TOP short-term rental, and Airbnb real estate agency. The Short Term Shop has connected investors with over 5,000 cash-flowing short-term rental properties since 2018. Avery went from a 37k salary to a real estate portfolio of over 220 doors in 5 years through strategically investing in short-term and vacation rentals. This strategy allowed her to grow her portfolio much more quickly than starting with traditional long-term rentals. It’s her goal to help as many investors reach financial independence through short-term rental investing as possible.


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